About Us


About us

We're an award winning creative technology company specializing in Virtual Reality, Game Design and Development, Large Format Multitouch Surfaces, and Unique Human Computer Interactions using both physical and digital elements. From the knowledge base of our computer scientists, to the aesthetic visions of our digital artists, to the experience of our field technicians, we have the skill and talent that enables us to work along the bleeding edge of interactive design and development.



Our installations have travelled all over the world! Globacore's emergent interactive displays have been installed in cities around the world including Paris, Cannes, London, Barcelona, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Uruguay, and all over North America.


How does it happen?

The key to our success is who we work with - it could be you! Working with experiential and ad agencies, marketers, brand strategists, exhibit designers and museum curators, we encourage our customers to come to us with any idea for an interactive system no matter the difficulty.



Globacore HQ

The Boiler House

Our company headquarters is located inside the beautifully restored heritage building called "The Boiler House".  The heritage of the building dates back to the late 1800's, and was originally built for carpet production. In its time, the site was considered to be “state of the art”, completely self-reliant, with its own steam-generated heat, power and electricity capabilities, fire pump and an underground cistern storing 625,000 gallons of water for emergency use. Ceiling heights reach beyond 50ft, providing a stunning atmosphere for creative and technology production. Ironic how what we now do in this building we consider "state of the art". The legacy continues..