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Experience the thrill of custom branded GAME BASED marketing

Through custom branded design and game programming, leverage the latest in videogame technology to create an immersive, unique and deeply memorable experience.

The video game industry marks the forefront of interactive development. The computer graphics, artwork, and addictive game mechanics can all be applied to the needs of the exhibit industry. Find out how we can apply this exciting new technology to your brand!

Create truly emergent experiences with the latest

Perceptual computing is blowing the doors open on how users can interact with a digital environment.  We are experts at integrating the latest IO devices such as the Kinect depth camera, Oculus Rift VR goggles, Sphero robotic balls, and custom sensors.  Using these devices in combination is what gives us the ability to deliver fun and impactful memorable moments.

Featured case study

The Globacore Runner Game was created as a self promotional advertising for our interactive agency's capability in developing games for tradeshows as well as showcasing our custom Unity 3D development offering.  Additionally many of those elements were brought to the tradeshow to serve as the backdrop of our booth, including AV cases, Globacore branded cardboard boxes, and our company banner stand.

Players are asked to register themselves on a nearby custom iPod Touch application adding their name, phone number, and email, and then told they will need to physically jump over or duck under the obstacles to achieve a top score through collecting coins, and maintaining a growing point multiplier by avoiding mistakes.  The obstacles and environment were all modelled after common elements found around our studio as well as the hallways in our office building.


The Unity developed game uses a Kinect controller to detect the players jumps and ducks.  The iPod touch adds the player to a web application which is accessed by Unity to grab the upcoming player names, and save the scores at the end of the game.  The top score each day was awarded a prize. We believe Unity has a huge potential to be used in the advertising and marketing industry to take advantage of the benefits of game mechanics in consumer engagement. Some of Globacore’s most successful installations have been the experiences that were game-based.



Honda Indy Trivia Racing Game
Honda Indy 2012 - Toronto, ON, Canada

AT&T Sphero
CES 2012 - Las Vegas, NV, USA

eBay Inc. & PayPal
MWC 2013 - Barcelona, Spain

BNY Payment Challenge
SIBOS 2011 - Toronto, ON, Canada