The OSRAM CES 2018 virtual reality experience highlights OSRAM’s innovation and leadership in the field of automotive lighting. The experience contains both a social, communal component, as well as tailored, personal experiences, chosen by the attendee. The experience is an interactive tour, guided by a 3d performance capture of OSRAM’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Stefan Kampmann.

Attendees choose from three segments: Autonomous Driving, Headlight of the Future, and Smart Interiors, each delivering a novel perspective on the impact of visible and invisible lighting applications inside and outside an automobile.

From sharing a vehicle with others on a journey from the airport to the Las Vegas Strip, to making their mark in the virtual night sky, visitors will learn how OSRAM is transforming our lives through light.

At the very end of the experience, attendees sign their name in the virtual space and become a light in the OSRAM universe.

To deliver this truly immersive experience we used the HTC Vive headset, which is powered by OSRAM technology.


Key Features:

  • Comfortable social seated experience
  • Beautiful theatrical audio/visual tour
  • OSRAM Chief Technology Officer scanned using DepthKit, introducing the future of OSRAM
  • High attendee volume throughput